Wednesday, 27 June 2007

You know the saying about waiting for a bus....

Well, this is an analogy of course, because I walk everywhere in Amiens.....

Last week I was feeling particularly closed in in the apartment. I made my Mum laugh hysterically after I told her I've started talking to the homeless people who sit on a bench outside the apartment - they are the only people who talk to me here, and they are polite and never ask for money etc... so why not say hello?! They even ask how I am!

I realised that I was spending too much time in the apartment so taking advantage of the glorious weather (last week, not this week) I decided to take a book to Park Saint Pierre in Amiens and spend time there people watching and reading.

The park wasn't that busy, and I sat on a bench and got my book out. I was sitting facing the back on the bench so I could prop my book on the back rest. Five minutes later a man walking past with his mates lightly tickled my back. Very odd, but no harm was done. I just smiled and continued reading. A few minutes later, two guys stopped and asked if the park was called PARC St Pierre, because they weren't from the area. Yes, indeed it was boys. Odd. not even five minutes later a couple walked past with a pushchair and the man told me to be careful as they were some guys doing drugs on my bench this morning. aaggghhhh, I started to freak out generally. I've been 'on extended holiday' for 2 months now and I have hardly spoken to another soul and then I go to the park to read and be quiet, and I can't get any peace. I decided to leave, and go shopping in town, but alas, on my way out of the park, someone started speaking to me....he'd recognised me as the girl who was reading on the other side of the park. It turned out that he wasn't French either and I had difficulty in getting away from his babblings. I fled in the direction of town, only to be stopped for directions! I was getting frightened by this point!! I was so glad to get into town where I was assured that no one would speak to me! I was quite on edge though, and pleased to get back to the apartment!

It seems that at the moment I can't find a happy medium! I either amuse my Mum by resorting to speaking to the homeless people, or I get pestered in the park! For the moment, I'm steering clear of the park and have taken to reading in cafes in town.

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