Sunday, 22 July 2007

Summer Camp was amazing

So, I've been in Taunton in England for two weeks doing a summer camp for children from 8-12 year olds. In the morning there were 3 hours of teaching English, and then the rest of the time I was helping with the organised activities. There were 49 children there, mainly French with a sprinkling of Russians, Italians, Spanish, and one German and one Japanese boy.

The whole experience was incredible and I'd just like to jot down a few memories:

1. being woken up to the sound of screaming boys - there was a spider in their room. Being terrified myself of spiders made me find someone else to deal with the problem!
2. being taught Russian by a 9 year old girl called Nastasia. She spoke only Russian to me for half an hour and we played a card game - I had to work out the rules myself as I had no idea was going on! I can now say 'i love you ' in russian amongst other things.
3. breaking up a physical fight between two French boys. easier said than done.
4. numerous translating duties
5. dancing a slow song at the disco with an 8 yr old boy who was no higher than my chest! comedy moment for the other teachers!
6. teaching to adorable children and feeling very very proud when they got good marks in the tests.
7. re adorable children - was teaching them 'have to' and 'can' and the difference between these verbs. When I asked one boy during a break 'do you have to use your mobile phone?'....he replied......'I don't have to, but I can'......before turning and fleeing! I didn't know whether to kill him or kiss him!

It was truly an amazing experience. Absolutely exhausting, but amazing. I'm sure I'll be going back next year!

The journey back yesterday was touch and go though! The floods were so bad that the station after my home town was flooded and all the other passengers were stranded. Thank god I live in the middle of nowhere! yay! I'd got up at 3.30am to put the children on buses to the airport and wouldn't have been impressed if I'd got stranded somewhere en route home!

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