Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Could it be magic?

Just had to write and say that for the first time in my French life, I got mistaken for a frenchie. Or more importantly, the person didn't realise I was an anglophone. It's a miracle and fab!! I've been here two years and 3 weeks now. To be precise, this happened yesterday. (for future reference). A teacher at one of my schools who i met for the first time thought I was a 'normal' person until one of the children said ''ello Emma'. Then she turned and said 'oooh, i didn't realise you were the English teacher.....I thought you were French.
The excitement has been short lived. Just bumped into some builders in my building and with one muttering of a response from a question, he replied 'you are English? voila. Oh well, I will store up the excitement for another day when I need a boost. I will keep this information next to the dairy milk and tea bags.
Had 4 hours teaching at uni today. It actually went ok. One lesson better than the other, but I am feeling more at ease now in the classroom and actually plan too much. Ie, i need to plan less ie, spend less time doing it. Now, that's what I like to hear!

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