Tuesday, 9 October 2007

hurry up and slow down

Wow, i didn't realise it's been a whole month and a bit since I updated my blog. That's crazy. I can hardle remeber how i felt a month and a bit ago because the NOW is taking up so much of my time. I wish it would all slow down and that I could have some free time.

I started working at the uni in september. 4 little hours a week. two tiny classes of 4th and 5th year engineering students. one HUGE stress for Emma. It's exhausting. The students are really demanding 'Is this going to be in the exam?' 'Is this relevant?', 'Why are we doing this?'...'This is too easy.....' .nightmare. I'm struggling. Think ant in marmite.

On top of that, I finally started my third year as an English Langugae Assistant. What was I thinking?! I'm working in 3 primary schools. I've only been there a week, but I have already booked my appointment at the hairdressers to cover the grey hairs that I will be getting. Might also need throat surgery. I'm shouting THAT much. In a meer week, I have been called 'conne' (very rude way of saying stupid), had a ball thrown at me, had to deal with a kid that was poked in the eye by a pencil thrown by another kid.......these children at at max, 10 years old. yikes. I'm in trouble n'est-ce que pas.

I work 12 hours spread over 4 days at the primary schools, and have to walk everywhere. some days, I walk for 90 mins. I'm shattered! On no school day, ie, Wednesday (children at primary schools don't go on a Wednesday) I work my 4 hours at the uni. With all the preparation I have to do.....it's currently taking me at least 6 hours to prepare 4 hours uni lessons, I am lucky if I get Sunday off. Unfortunately, this last Sunday, I spent 2 hours cutting out flashcards and laminating them for my primary schools classes for the week. So, maybe not.

Ok, that's all folks, I will try to update more often,
I'm off to watch super nanny a la francaise.

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