Friday, 31 August 2007

Well, that was the summer

I can't believe that August has been and gone! Crazy!

At the beginning of August my best friend came to visit me for the second time in 2 months. She obviously wasn't put off by the frigtening pidgeon incident the first time she visited Amiens!

Straight after, we went to the South of France, cap d'agde, like we did last year. I can't believe it was a WHOLE year ago that I went on holiday with Julien and his family. and here I am again, cap d'agde II. Everything was better...the weather was great - not one drop of rain, I didn't get ill, no mosquito bites, and I was able to talk! Yes, my French has improved, it's official. I can see it from making a comparison from this time last year on holiday where Julien had to translate what I said (in French I would like to add) so that his parents would understand! haha.

After cap d'agde, we went to Grenoble just the two of us for a couple of days, and I think I love Grenoble. It was gorgeous. Grenoble is a completely flat town completely surrounded by mountains. beautiful. We bought a booklet from th tourist information centre that gave us good deals on all the tourist attractions and we used it to the max for 48 hours. We had a personal guided tour of the town, took the tourist train (!) did 3 museaums, and most spectaculary took the cable car up the mountain where the view was breath taking and where we had a theatrical tour of the fortifications of the mountain and ate dinner in the restaurant with a panoramic view. bliss.

I was sad to leave, but like I once famously said to my best friend 'it's not moving anywhere' I can always go back!

Last weekend was momentous in my emmygration. I went to my first French hen night! I was really worried that I wouldn't like it. I felt I was only invited because Julien was going on the stag night and that I wouldn't understand everything and that no one would really bother with me! but it was FAB!

we dressed the hen up as obelix (as in asterix - soooo french) and went into town and got her to do challenges as is the tradition in france. She had to busk in the street, get her Tshirt signed, get kisses off ginger people (that was my idea - careful.......). Obelix is ginger you see! Then we went 10 pin bowling which was hysterical for her in her costume. She wasn't able to bowl straight because her 'arse' was so wide! haha. It was here we set her her hardest challenge. Selling toilet paper sheet by sheet! She did it though! and got 40euros for her troubles! Was great! After the bowling, we stuffed our faces and went clubbing (her, still in her costume!).

All in all, it was brilliant and I'm proud of myself. It was the first time I've been out with a group of french girls, and the first time that I've been out with French people without Julien there to help me out when I didn't understand. :o)

Next week I start my new job at an engineering university in Amiens. A mere 5 minutes from my apartment. It's only 4 hours a week, but it's an opening. I am worried how i'm going to 'entertain' the students for 2 hours at a time, I'll just have to be super organised. I've been told that their level is not good at all. I'll just have to wait and see........

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