Monday, 19 November 2007

Time to take stock

Going home a few weeks ago was great. It was so nice to see my parents, meet my gorgeous new baby cousin and see my best friend who lives in London. But as usual coming back to France was diffiicult. I am just reminded about how different my life is here.

I would kill (any government worker in france) for a group of girlfriends that i could call up and go for coffee/go shopping with, but it just aint happening! Crystal, a fellow madwoman who stayed in the North of France to be with her frenchie, hates the North of France but I've always held out, thinking it's nice, there's everything you need etc etc. Yes, except friends and a support network! I know this type of thing takes time, but how long ? I've already lived in Amiens a year - i'm not sure how much longer I'm prepared to exist here in my current existence. Unfortunately I can't 'live' on Julien. It's just not possible!

On a brighter note, last week, a few of the uni students told me that the uni had a real need for 'new blood' teacher-wise and that I was it! They said that they really like my approach to lessons, and they felt they had improved since the start of the year! wooooooo! I was very happy to hear this,, as you can imagine!

Today I have started doing Christmas songs with the children. Shakin Stevens, Merry Christmas, everyone. It's epic and a very brave choice from the teacher. oh well, if all else fails, i can always resort to the usual 'we wish you a merry christmas' or 'jingle bells' like I'm doing with all the other classes. their christams concerts are in december, one of them on the 8th, so wish me luck - there's not much time!

ok, i better finish as I can no longer feel my fingers - it's freezing here!

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