Sunday, 27 January 2008

My 5 things about France

So, Crystal has given me the task of writing 5 things I love and 5 things I hate about France.

Here goes:

5 things I love about France:

1) Julien
2) French bakeries
(it's at this point where I have to start to think very hard......and moved with ease to my 5 'hate' phrases)
3) Umm, France is so diverse - you can sunbathe, go skiing, see beautiful mountains, and let's not forget the flat North. We Heart the flat North.
4) 35 hour week (or in my case, less). Never ring a French company on Friday afternoon, you will most likely get the answerphone....everyone has already left for the weekend.
5) long summer holidays that teachers get. But hell, we need them.

5 things I hate about France:

1) You have to be 'qualified' to even work in a pet shop
2) The paperwork you have to do even to get permission to sneeze
3) Being so far from my friends and family that are starting to forget about my existence
4) Small mindedness of people - yes, I'm not French, accept that I have an accent and that I'm not deaf - I'm Welsh, not deaf.
5) Finding girlfriends is seemingly impossible. Please will someone enlighten me how to acheive this other than clamping onto the group of friends of your French boyfriend.


Le Tigre said...

Yep, it does seem to be impossible to find French girlfriends. Christophe's friends are okay but they are a lot older than me, and frankly I'd like to have my own set of friends. If you read Almost French she goes into it a little bit, she becomes very frustrated at not having any female French friends. I didn't realise you were from Wales, I love the Welsh accent!

Le Tigre said...

P.S, Do you have an email address I could mail to?

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