Sunday, 17 February 2008

2 kisses or not 2 kisses, that is the question.

Here is a very useful link. Yes my friends, kissing in France is a serious business, and VERY complicated that someone has produced a map.

Notice how in the North, there is a 'blip' in the region where you have to give 4 kisses to greet someone.....this might well explain the time I headbutted one of Julien's relatives when meeting him for the first time....I was terrified and totally shocked when he wanted to go in for 2 more kisses, getting to a total of 4. I saw this guy again recently and was much more physically and emotionally prepared to being facially assaulted.

The next time you meet a Frenchie, ask them if they have a copy of this map in their wallet...I think I will be adding it shortly.


Leah said...

I'm lovin the map. Another thing you have to also take into account is which side they start the bises on! The people in Rouen seem to start on the opposite side from the people in Rennes, I just learned this weekend. That's why it's best to just follow other people's lead!!

Catherine said...

haha, I wish I had had that map when I was in France. How is teaching going? I think I'm starting to get the hang of it with my preschool class, but I have one border-line autistic or border-line something that is really a handful. He had a major freakout last week because he honestly believed that the entire world was going to turn into a pancake and he'd be squashed. How do you begin!?!

Le Tigre said...

Hope all is well. Did you ever get my email?

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