Monday, 31 March 2008

and can the boys wear skirts?

Today I showed a class some school photos of mine to show them that we have to wear school uniform in the UK and I got a mixed response! Some of them thought it was cool and others thought it was ugly! And then the questions started.....

Remember I teach primary school children....

1. Can the girls wear their hair how they like?
2. Why do the girls have to wear ties? (It's a man thing apparently)
3. Can the boys wear shorts in the summer?
and the best.....
4. Can the boys wear skirts......? Well, this is what I understood and was frankly stumped for words until I realised he wanted to know if the girls could wear trousers! I swear sometimes it's comical with my french, their english and competing with all the noise in the classroom! This is the reult, a very odd question indeed.

Talking and explaining in French was also a bit wishy washy for me. I'm practically fluent give or take a few thousand words and yet when I have to explain stuff to the children I hate making mistakes in front of them. Partly because I don't want them to notice I make mistakes, partly because I teach 6 year olds and they don't notice my mistakes and might start copying my errors when they speak. This said, today I got corrected a few times by them....masculine and feminine words get me all the time and I make mistakes. Well, now it's official, it's UNE tenue. Thanks Manon.

Showing them the photos made me ask myself some questions that I have never thought of. Why do girls in the UK have to wear a tiny pleated skirt for doing sport in? Whay can't the boys wear shorts in the summer? Uniforms have their pros but they also create problems and finally 7 years after I finished school, I am only starting to see them.

It's the first time I've done something really cultural with the children and they were really interested...except for one little boy who asked....Can we do some work now?! Charming.

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