Tuesday, 17 June 2008

...and now, the end is near, and so I face the final....

...please add a word to the finish the sentence. I can't quite decide. I'm this close to finishing work and can't wait. The assistant chapter in my life is about to come to a close. It's been 3 years, I think it's time. Don't you? more on that later.

It's been yonks since I wrote. I have good excuses but the last excuse (that of being too scared to look on blogger and realising the enormity of the task) is not so good. Sorry.

So, my good excuses: We moved! Hurrah! We waved goodbye to the noisey neighbours and the rising damp at last. Unfortunately, with that, comes a whole lot of merde, of the French variety of course. I'm talking about PAPERWORK, and mountains of it. Change of address for anything and everything under the sun. To-ing and fro-ing of letters from organisations X, Y and Z to confirm and reconfirm I moved, not to forget the 'thank you for letting us know you've moved' letter from each X, Y and Z. So thoughtful of them, such a waste of time, money and effort.

The worst thing about moving was the lack of internet connection meaning no internet, cable tv and telephone. It was a verrrrryyyyyyyy long 5 weeks. Work was a nightmare without access, I had to resort to drawing all my flashcards and worksheets and I generally felt very out of control during this time. Also, not being able to ring my mum or my friends back home at no extra cost whenever I wanted was torture. Being France also, the time was elongated that it took to reconnect us. Julien just thought it was normal where I was tearing my hair out.

All us well now (after a few hiccups) and I can finally start to feel settled in our gorgeous F3. It's a terraced house, which are famed in Amiens, on 3 floors and it has two good sized bedrooms, one of which is my office, but has a sofabed in it, ready for visitors.

Work is almost over....6 working days and that's it. With it, a horrible thing is happening.....i'm seeing things with rose tinted glasses. Maybe the kids aren't so bad, maybe the teachers do support me, maybe they do care after all. eep. What's happened to me? I have to admit, the end of school concerts were great....I got classes to sing 'another brick in the wall' by pink floyd and 'Animal Fair' which I used to sing when I was little, and I felt so proud of them. I might put snippets on here if I find out how to upload videos. The classes are becoming so unbearble to live through though, it's almost funny. The children smell the end of year coming and as a result, there is almost nothing any one of us profs can do to control them except wish each other 'bon courage' at the beginning of each class. I'm crusing from this point on. Revision, the less noisey games and....I'm planning a party in each class for the last lesson. Great UK children party games. Pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs. It will probably turn into a nightmare, but I will try. I have been warned that the children won't accept the rules of games that they don't know and will probably sulk if they don't win, but don't all young children do that?!

In other news, we bought a hamster yesterday. It's been planned for ages but as I didn't want to fork out 60€ on a cage before buying anything else, so we'd been looking on leboncoin.fr for good deals on secondhand goods. We also found the ad for the hamster on there too. an excellent website if you haven't already come across it. Like ebay, but with a more local feel to it. Rocco (the hamster) is settling into his new home but is already causing problems....jeeze, the wheel is soooooooooo noisey!! I am sorry to admit, on his first night in his new home, his cage had to be bansihed to the store room at 1 am as I jusst couldn't sleep. Maybe I'll get used to it, maybe, the store room will become his new night time place of rest, we'll soon find out!! I will have to start taming him soon as he's only one month old and not that happy about our presence at the moment. again, watch this space!

Ok, long over due, I will (try to) post some photos of the house and of Rocco..... here goes....

and voila, just as I want to post some photos, I can't find the camera!! grrr. I will find it and post some photos soon. promis.

In the meantime, thanks to the other bloggers in France. I am going through a positive phase in my French life and a lot of strength comes from reading your blogs. It's so great knowing that I am not alone in this cheese eating tricolore place, and that our experiences are similar everywhere. Keep sharing the insight.

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