Wednesday, 18 June 2008

When being bilingual (ahem) means pimping out your keyboard

I recently had to accept that my system of plugging in a second keyboard into my qwerty laptop to make it azerty was being a pain in the arse, so I ordered keyboard stickers. I have just stuck them on and am totally disorientated!! So, when I change the language on my computer I now have to think....white or yellow?! What do you think?


Milk Jam said...

ohhhh where did you get keyboard stickers?? did you order them in France or the UK? I'd love to pick some up!

Justin said...


HAHA funny... I thought about doing the same, but then I found it was just as easy to write in English on a French keyboard. So I bought French keyboards for my home (and of course that is what they gave me at work). Then I just stuck to only using the French keyboard in French mode, and after a week or so I could type just as fast (in English) on an AZERTY as I could on a QWERTY. What happens though, is now it is impossible to type on a QWERTY again and every time I go home to visit and use my parent's I find myself two finger typing again.

Oh, and I got your message on my blog... I wanted to write a response but it may be too long to get in to here and I wanted to make sure you see it, so you can find my email on my profile... pop me off one and I can answer your question.

Enjoy your weekend!

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