Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Enemy #1 - The Mosquito

I will never forget my first encounter with a moustique. It was in my first year in France and I remember hearing a buzzing noise near my face during the night. Thinking it was a fly, I ignored it only to wake up looking like the elephant man. I had been bitten on my eyelid and three times on my forehead. My eyelid got swollen so I coudn't open my eye fully and the whole experience was unbearable for a week. I couldn't put any cream on the eyelid bite because of its position and antihistamine tablets didn't take the edge off the itch at all.

Since that moment I have genuinely feared the buzzing noise and anytime someone says that there is a mosquito in the room, I flee. I've had the odd mosquito bite since of course but I always thought my first experience of them would be the worst....until now.

I wouldn't say Amiens, being in the North East of France, in Picardie, would suit mosquitos. Surely they would prefer to live in the warmer climate of the South?? It appears not. A few nights ago I saw one on the bedroom wall but missed it with my slipper. We went to bed, the beast still in the room and when we woke up, you guessed it, it had feasted on us. I personally would like to think I was dessert. I was bitten in my armpit and on my back whilst the mosquito had munched on Ju's back and arm for the main course. My bites have since turned into what I can only decribe as love bites or bruises and still itch like mad.

Last night the beast returned. I know this as Julien woke me up shouting 'I can hear it'. merci chéri. It might sound ridiclulous, but we put on some anti mosquito cream that Julien had when he went to the Reunion island and we thought that would do the trick. Not really my idea of 3am fun but hey. The rest of the night was spent under the duvet playing hide and seek with the beast. Stiffling hot under the blanket, I braved the cool air only to hear the evil buzzing. I honestly didn't sleep much at all. I woke up this morning to find out I had been bitten 5 more times. I think I'll be asking for my money back on the ANTImosquito cream.

So today I went to the supermarket to look at the anti mosquito products. There was a choice of sprays (might as well say on the packet 'kills them, kills you'), an anti-mosquito candle ('romance the beast') or some plug in thingies. I opted for a plug in thingie. 45 nights mosquito free (if you remeber to unplug it in the day, otherwise it's 15)

Do you have any experience of these plug ins? Do they work? Or will I be posting tomorrow that I now look like a giant dot to dot??


Rachel said...

When I was in the Balaerics a few years ago we used plug-ins which did the job but they didn't look like yours - they had little cardboard type things that you slotted into the plug, which released some kind of anti-moustique fume over the course of the night, and were dry by morning. You just had to remember to replace the coardboard, as they would eventually catch fire. Thinking about it this is probably why I've never seen them since. But I suppose when it comes down to it, would you really rather be feasted on by a mosquito all night than burned alive? Hmm?

Modern Blank said...

Just stumbled upon your blog after searching the regular Google for some time for real information about these thingies.

I'm currently in South Korea and the mosquitoes are AWFUL! I'm a freelance director doing some contract work for a company and they threw me in this nice little studio on the west wing of the building and at night, they come out...

It took me a few nights to realize that the plug-ins like you have are scattered all over the building, so I stole a couple (one for the bathroom, one right by my bed) and haven't been bitten since. They really work, but--

--I'm wondering if you could read the safety disclaimer on the box as I haven't access to an English language one. I'm just wondering if it's really safe for me considering the 'odorless, invisible vapours' kill all kinds of insects.

Let me know!

Emmy said...

Hello Modern Blank
I can't leave you a message on your blog because I'm not a member of myspace sorry so hope you get this...
I too have wondered about the power of odourless, invisible vapours. Unfortunately, the only thing that the packet said was 'don't consume' or 'rub in eyes'. Urrm, thanks.
I've seen a few mosquito corspes in my room so I don't doubt that it works. :o) Just hope it doesn't work on humans...to be honest, I'd settle for minor injury if it meant I'd never be attacked by a moquito again! ;o)

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