Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Pékin or Beijing, the plot thickens

Further to Jennie's post on the fact the French call Beijing 'Pékin' despite Beijing 2008 being written EVERYWHERE on the tele during the Olympics, I have proof that I will frankly never *get* the French.

Julien got home last night from work and on handing me these stamps, said 'tiens, des timbres de Pékin'. I looked down at the colourful images and was baffled to see that it had Beijing written in huge letters at the top AND on each of the 55 cents stamps. I had assumed that everyone in France used the word 'Pékin' but now I have proof that this is not the case, I just don't get it. I mean, you can trust la poste to give precise, up to date information on their commenerative stamps can't you ?? So what gives?

Is the word Beijing pronouced 'Pay-ca' (pékin)?? Maybe in France, yes. Or is this just another example of France, stuck in the past and holding onto 'tradition'. Answers on a postcard please but don't forget the Beijing, oops, Pékin stamp.

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