Thursday, 9 October 2008

Egg in the eyes

Just thought I'd share my fantastic French fault of the day. Was talking with my class about food and one girl was talking about a dessert I think we'd call egg custard in English. In French I think it's crème aux oeufs (she didn't know the word for it in French...she's not French) and I said: 'Oh yes, I think she's talking about 'crème aux yeux'...... dam it. It just slipped out. You try it.... crème aux oeufs or 'crème aux yeux' Please tell me it's not just me!!

In any case, it amused the students.


dveillon22 said...

That's nothing ... I once broke down on a country road and the I asked the nice old man who came to help me if I should open the "capote" (the condom) when I was supposed to say "capot" (the bonnet or the hood of the car). I realized my error and turned red as a beet which was even worse !!! He kindly ignored me and fixed my car.

Rachel said...

Must have told you this one before, but I once repeatedly said "baiser" instead of "baisser" in a business presentation, oblivious to the titters at the back of the room :) xx

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