Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Exhaustion with a cherry on top!

I'm sooooooo tired. Was at uni for 10 hours today, teaching for 5 of them, sorting stuff out for the rest. The lessons aren't too bad if you like juggling 10 fire balls at a time I guess.

I had a mixed bunch today. Goldfish and animated arguments. I prefer the latter. At least they were SPEAKING (in English !! Believe me, that merits exclamation marks) Getting the goldfish to speak even in French is hard. pff

The cherry on the top is that I signed myself up for free French lessons! If I had the time I could have 5 hours of lessons a week - 2.5 of civilisation and French culture (might help me understand Frenchies more eh?) and 2.5 hours of conversation and grammar. I can fit the grammar and conversation class into my timetable so I start next Monday! I'm quite excited although it'll be really odd being the other side of the desks! I know I'll be a well behaved student!! There are 25 in the class, all of who are international students. I'll be in the highest level class (C1) and it'll be interesting to meet other people learning French. Apparently there is only one other English speaker, an American, so little chance of me 'cheating' in class!


Rachel said...

Hi Emmy! Well done on the free lessons, that sounds great. Sadly my expectations of speaking any French here have evaporated, as I spend my time navigating German and Greek (don't ask). Speak soon ma belle, miss you! xx

trentetroismille said...

Oh lucky you! I've had a really hard time finding anything for students who are already at the C1 mark, which is (curiously) when I feel most learns could really enjoy and benefit from more instruction! I would LOVE to take a French class right now at that level!

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