Thursday, 30 October 2008

Guess who classic moment

Last Friday on my last lesson before the holidays, we had 10 minutes to spare at the end of the lesson and I decided to play an old favourite with them...."back to the board", or "guess who" where a student has to guess which famous person they are (the answer is on the board). They can ask questions where the response is either yes or no but nothing else.

The first student had to guess that she was Stephanie de Monaco and did so in a few minutes. The second student I picked on because she had done no work at all in the lesson (meanie that I am) and I never imagined that she would make us all laugh like she did. She had to guess that she was Homer Simpson. After a few tentative questions (she found out she was American and male) this was the the transcription of what happened (I couldn't make this up)

(me, suggesting that she should ask questions about her (or his) personality)

Student: Ok, am I stupid? (why the hell she chose this adjective first is beyond me)
Class: Yes
Student: Am I George Bush?


(me suggesting that she should ask about the appearance after recomposing myself)

Student: Am I black?
Class: No

Student: Am I white?
Class: No

Student: Am I Micheal Jackson?!!

Honestly, what she said couldn't have been funnier and the thing is, she was being totally honest and serious. The fact that in her own questions she almost repeated the line to Micheal Jackson's song Black or White just made it even more comical......

She did finally guess that she was Homer Simpson, but she was left feeling a bit bewildered to why we were laughing. Classic Comedy Moment.

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tartetartan said...

Very funny. Just wanted to let you know that you have been tagged over at mine. TTx

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