Thursday, 13 November 2008

bus STOP

So, I just waited for the bus to go to work for 50 mins (this is not a typo) and had to resign myself to the fact that I would not be teaching today. There is a grève. Quite a serious one it seems as I only saw one seul bus in the 50 mins I was waiting. There is usually a bus every minute or so going in either direction.

This is the first time this has affected my work. I made do last year, I walked when there was a bus strike as it was just about do-able but that's not the case this year. It would take me at least an hour to walk it to uni. So i had a dilemma....what was the etiquette for such events? Do I come in super late? Do they expect me to walk? Take a taxi?? I rang my number one source of info, my Frenchie, and then I rang up the secretary of my department to explain, plead ignorance and ask what I should do....but she wasn't there so I had to leave a message with someone else who didn't seem to mind one escargot that I wasn't coming in. No questions asked. Fingers crossed that's ok with the powers that be.

Another lectrice just rang me and said that she was in the same situation, so at least I'm not alone. I figure that most of the students won't be there either because of the greve so maybe that's makes it ok? I feel guilty but it's out of my hands.

Now a few questions are apparent.....will I have to reschedule the missed lessons (2 hours today) for some othr time? What happens tomorrow if the strike continues? On verra, yes, we'll see. I'll take the strike in my stride like a real Frenchie. Yes I will. Then again, maybe I'll get really cheesed off and moan about how pants France is....You'll see.


Rachel said...

When I first arrived in Provence there was a strike in Marseille, which thankfully didn't affect me getting there but in the end lasted for 7 weeks. I had students arriving to class for the first time in mid-December! Sadly, most of the others turned up all term (they had mobilettes or sympathetic parents...)

I would find out how long the grève is likely to last, I think work will be sympathetic for a couple of days (provided you reschedule the classes) but any longer and they'll want you to find some alternative way of getting in... bicycle?


Leah said...

I'd wait to see if they say anything to you. You let them know you wouldn't be coming in and you're right in that a lot of your students probably weren't able to make it either. I wouldn't worry about it too much, let them approach you if they want to. I mean, unless you actually want to make up the hours, obviously...

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