Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I'm a catherinette today

So, as I was saying yesterday, I become a Catherinette today as an unmarried 25 year old woman. I had to give my age this morning at an appointment and when the lady in front of me realised I was 25 and it was Saint Catherine, she wished me a bonne fete and went on to explain the tradition of the hat wearing to me. She explained that I should wear a hat of the colours of Saint Catherine, that of green and yellow and people should attach objects to my hat which represent my life...profession, hobbies etc. It got me thinking what objects I would have on my hat. Chalk? A board marker? A dictionary? As for hobbies....a wine glass, chocolate?

What would you have on your Saint Catherine hat?

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Mean Mom said...

Are you sure that this wasn't a dream? ;0)

This is an odd custom, but very amusing! I was floored by it and had to go away and have a think, before replying.

I am very interested in dolls' houses (those for adults, not children), so I suppose I would have some sort of miniatures hanging from my hat. I have also cross stitched some miniature pictures, so I suppose that they would be ideal, too!

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