Sunday, 17 February 2008

2 kisses or not 2 kisses, that is the question.

Here is a very useful link. Yes my friends, kissing in France is a serious business, and VERY complicated that someone has produced a map.

Notice how in the North, there is a 'blip' in the region where you have to give 4 kisses to greet someone.....this might well explain the time I headbutted one of Julien's relatives when meeting him for the first time....I was terrified and totally shocked when he wanted to go in for 2 more kisses, getting to a total of 4. I saw this guy again recently and was much more physically and emotionally prepared to being facially assaulted.

The next time you meet a Frenchie, ask them if they have a copy of this map in their wallet...I think I will be adding it shortly.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

different country, same problems

Being the school holidays, I dashed back home to see my parents, the cat and generally chill out. Even though it has only been 5 weeks since the Christmas holidays, i was definitely ready for a break.

I find slipping back into everything such easier these days. The language change over goes more smoothly (although I do find myself slipping up now and again) and getting used the the UK culture is much easier than it used to be.

I was very happy to meet up with an old school friend today, totally by luck...we both happen to be back at home on the same weekend, no small feat at all! I haven't seen her in 2 years but nothing much has changed between us, and it was fascinating listening to her news and it dawned on me that she seems to be living the same life and problems as me. I tell myself that a lot of the problems I encounter is because I'm a foreigner living in France, but it seems she is going through the same things. She lives with her boyfriend, has had a huge downturn in her social life and wondering when did she got all so 'grown up'. Obviously it'd not quite the same as me, but it did make me feel better about my life!

I'm actually really missing Julien and my French routine. Sarah Turnbull in 'Almost French' says that once you have lived in another country, you can no longer feel totally at ease and at home in either country and I totally understand and agree with this.

For the moment though I am making the most of being at 'home' in Wales. Tonight's menu of yummy home cooked food and crap on (British) TV will do me nicely thank you very much........

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