Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year or Same Old Same Old?


Let me introduce myself. I'm Emmy. I used to blog a bit, you know, funny bits from my life, the stresses of living in frogland, but a few months ago it all got a bit too much and I retreated into my broken shell. As a New Year has begun, I thought I'd give life another shot, well, life in France another shot at least..the last shot at that.

This might sound like one of my mopey posts but I promise you it's not. I actually feel quite positive inside, albeit, maybe a little naively (?) But hey, being naieve brought me here over 3 years ago, and i'm still here which must count for something.

An unrecommendable concoction of crappie work conditions, drawing in nights, the desperate need to spend time with nice human beings, several trips to the doctors, all ended with a rotten cherry on top.....a had an accident at the ice rink and was signed off work for a week just before Christmas. Yes, work was cut short (joy) but being in agony was not the pay-off I was hopng for! Things were not pretty ladies and gentlemen.

I was sooooooo happy to go home for the holidays. It's been the longest, most crappie 4 months ever since I last went home so I was definitely ready for the rest. I had a superb time, it passed too quickly and before I could shout fois gras, I was in France preparing myself for two mammoth French New Years dinners. I spent more than 14 hours at a dinner table in 48 hours. Yes, I cried and yes, it was painful.

Thank god the (French) festive season is over. Give or take a few Galette des Rois parties that are to come, I can finally put it all behind me. I'm so glad 2008 is over. The last few months have been terrible (I think I've already said that, sorry) and I'm hopelessly looking to the future for inspiration.

A few things for 2009:

1. Ring friends more often. I have free unlimited calls to over 30 countries, why do I not ring them?? Hearing a friendly voice always helps.
2. Count to ten in my head every time something starts to stress me out. Hey, I've had therapy, I know my warning signs...I should learn to listen to them.
3. Now this might be shocking (and will be the hardest one to implement).......don't spend as much time on the internet. Partly because I've just reformatted my computer after a virus killed it, and partly because it's simply not healthy. I mope on the internet. I waste hours when I could be working or doing something in the house, or following a hobby (reading, knitting, mario know, that type of stuff) ie, relaxing. This does not mean I will forget my friends (see point 1) but there are other ways to communicate and I want to give the other ways a chance.
4. I'm also thinking of setting up another blog because this one has become known to people I would rather not which had led to me censoring my posts. And we all know that's no fun at all! If/when, I'll do a shout out and you can email me to ask for the new private address.

There are more things to say but you've probably started to skim read by now so I'll sign off. Tonight we're going to one of the aforementioned gallette parties.....I want to find the lucky charm and be the Queen....maybe it'll bring good luck.

Happy New Year to you all! We all like a clean slate, please wish mine the very best of luck. I'm thinking even Cilit Bang won't clean mine this year if it gets dirty.

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Crystal said...

you know i'm always phone or by (evil) internet. Maybe if we work at our new year's resolutions together, they will work out.

Here's to making 2009 a much better year than 2008!!

Biz from Canada.

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