Thursday, 22 January 2009

YesMan and pleasegodnomoreWoman

It's been a week since my horrible (but unfortunately reoccurring) experience in a French Office and I'm still none the wiser to how I should sign up for the French test. grrr.

This week is the the first week back after the exam period and I'm exhausted. Genuinely exhausted. I have the same amount of work, but there are loads of timetabling problems and usual issues with organisation which are tiring me out! Thankfully I've been blessed with Thursday pm and Friday off this semester so I'm officially on weekend now although I will be spending much of this time marking exams.

Despite being ready to drop, I went to the cinema last night to see the film remake of my favourite book YesMan by Danny Wallace. Reading this book honestly changed my life. I read it in my first year in France, and it really motivated me to make a change in my life and yes, I moved to France permanently. Have a look at this link to get some info on all his books.

I knew the film was likely to be very different, I just hoped they didn't wreck it. Thankfully they completely changed the story to make it very American and after a period of adjustment at the beginning of the film, I did actually like it Very Jim Carrey of course, silly faces, quite crude...but it was fun. My friends and I went for a drink afterwards and I think everyone felt very motivated by the film. Yes, we shall say Yes more often to offers and be more open to life!

I would 1000% recommend the book if you haven't read it. Danny Wallace is a British comedian who has written a number of books about his life quests. He started a cult by accident and asked everyone to join him, he has explained how to start a new country, he went on a trip around the world with his friend Dave Gorman looking to meet all the other Dave Goremans in the world. He's written about 365 random acts of Kindness (I was once a precipitant to one of these. A random boy in London walked up to me and gave me a flower saying that he thought I'd like it) He wrote about his Yes adventure and most recently he wrote about his quest to find his school friends to see what became of them. I'm reading that one at the moment. The humour is very laugh out loud. When I read YesMan in my local French cafes, I had to often stifle giggles.... Above all, he writes about real things, the human condition - and I can totally relate to it.

YesMan was great. Now I must be a pleasegodnomoreWoman....cup of tea to warm me up and then I'm off to mark yet more exams. It's forecast to be stormy tonight here, at least I won't get bored eh if there's a power cut..... ;o)
If all goes well, I can schedule in some sleep soon, could easily be a YesWoman for this.


Crystal said...

sounds like a great book! I might have to borrow it off you because Im not sure I could find an english copy in france...I think I might go see the film myself sometime soon.

Rochelle said...

I think the universities only give you the test if you're first enrolled (or perhaps trying to enroll) in a proper degree or subject. Otherwise you need to call CIEP and ask them where the DELF exam is held.

Rochelle said...

Hey Emmy, I found out the scoop via the CIEP website, which is in English btw.

There are two tests. One is called something like 'test de connaisance de francais'. If you are wanting to enroll in university either for undergrad or graduate studies, you either need to do their special university version of this OR have the advanced DALF exam levels. So CIEP has a list of centres in France which hold the tests once a month. None in my academy though, I would have to go to the Sorbonne to do it.

Then there's the DELF or for higher levels, the DALF.

What the difference is between the exams, I don't really know. But the first one seems at first glance to be slightly cheaper and perhaps more convenient since it's held regularly.

Here's a link:

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