Tuesday, 10 February 2009

There is light at the end of the tunnel and it's coming from the North.

Many of you will know about my recent struggles concerning validating my French language skills, you just need to look at Dear France. This was almost a month ago and since then I have been back to the person indicated on the government website who is meant to organise French testing in my region. I have been sent to another department, fought it out there for 3 days, they accepted that I had the right to take the exam (only after I showed her the official website) but were sorry they couldn't help me as I wasn't a student. Was given the names of other people in another department who 'can' help me, been to see them, left emails and NOTHING.

Imagine my surprise when 40 minutes ago I found a very informative website in Lille explaining in detail the dates and prices of every French exam possible. It even said that ANYONE could take the exams. Imagine that.... Imagine more my surprise when I email them to ask how to sign up for the exams and SHOCK HORROR....I have already had a reply. There is a God! 40 minutes flat.

Is it possible that I am the only non-French non-student in the Picardie area who wants to take a French exam ? It seems so as I am yet to find anyone who can help me. I really was losing all hope. So, it's a great thing that we have decided to move. I just don't think Amiens and I were cut out to be friends.

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