Thursday, 19 March 2009


Yep, I got to uni this morning to find that the students had blocked the doors from opening and were still adding to it. Tables, chairs, piled high, with table legs jammed into the door handles so there was absolutely no way of getting in. Or out as it happens...... how do the students that are blocking access plan on getting out? and what if there is a fire? eep. I also wonder what staff members said when the students started to pile the tables and chairs up? Did they just French shrug and let them get on with it? No admin staff are in either I'm guessing. Will I get paid anyway? Even though I'm now a pro at accepting the French need to go on strike weekly, this is new to me. Please don't take my money from me.... I was willing to have lessons today.

No one can can in or out of the uni. There are definitely no lessons today or tomorrow.
To be continued...

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