Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Do I speak patois?

This morning a mate popped by to see me and we were talking Franglais as usual as he is an anglophile and is always testing out his new English on me. We got onto the topic of children who whinge to get what they want. Pleurenicher he said. Schwiner I said. Schwiner? Emmy, that has to be patois (dialect)., it sounds like patois. He comes from the same region my Frenchie and he doesn't even know this word. Do you know this word? I have no idea how it's spelt (adding to the idea that it is indeed patois) but it sounds like shweener/shwiner and means to whinge.

Please don't tell me that I speak patois.....damn my Ch'ti boyfriend.


Princesse Ecossaise said...

I know this word! I have no idea how it's spelt either, I've seen it written as 'shouiner' someplace though. I have been using it and people seem to understand what I mean but my man comes from Deippe, Normandie so perhaps I picked it up from him and it's a Northern thing? Not sure! I know a lot of Dieppois who live in our area so maybe that's why everyone seems to know what I am saying!

How odd! Word verif is 'speakedi'!

Ksam said...

lol, I think it's spelled "chouiner"!!

Emmy said...

ouf ! I actually spoke to my BIL this arvo and asked him about it. He told me it is indeed spelt chouiner and looked it up in a dico for me! bless! it's slang, not patois it appears.

I really need to read more in French, it would help on things like this.

I've got my TCF exam soon and I was starting to wonder if I would flat fail due to my patois roots. I must be the only non ch'ti, non francophone who understood Bienvenue chez les ch'tis no problem at all !

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