Monday, 23 March 2009

This week will be a biggie emotionally speaking

Ok ok, so, I'm not getting married and no one is ill but I am looking forward to the end of this week!

I have two appointments with different career advisors from different organisations (CCI and la maison de la formation if you're interested) and I'm trying to prepare myself mentally. They are obviously going to ask me what type of things interest me and I'm trying to look stuff up to get an idea so I just don't look blankly at them and then get told off for wasting their time. The thing is, I honestly don't have any fixed ideas on what I would like to do and I'm interested to see what I am capable of doing in France.

My main problem is my confidence. Yes, I can speak and understand French very well, but I can't really write it well as I've never really needed to. Thus I feel I'm rubbish and will not find any job!

I've also considered that I will probably need to retrain at something but I don't fancy doing a BTS as I feel it's a step back as I already have a degree in science but it seeme that BTSs are the dogs dinner when looking for jobs around here. I would consider doing a masters but I'm not sure I want to do research which is basically what science masters are about and would I qualify to do any other type of masters? In France I doubt it. Please tell me if you know differently!!

I've been told by the ANPE recently that the fact that I am bilingual means a lot to any employer and I know I definitely want to be able to use my English....but that's as far as my career plan goes at the moment.

and then there is the crise. It's not exactly the time to want to change career path is it?! I can be a lectrice for another year but then would that help much as teaching options will have dried up at this point...and I don't want to continue teaching....but it is the safest option for me...

I know I should stop worrying and wait to see what the career advisors have to say for themselves but I can't help stressing out about the unknown. It's my weakness.

This week I also have a French test - TCF. I don't know if it will actually achieve anything but I really want to see what level I'm at as the last time I did a French test I was 16 and my French has certainly improved since school days! I've since heard the TEF is better for employers, I can always do that later I guess. Does anyone have any experience with French tests and if they are 'worth' anything at all. For me, this time at least, it's a personal quest.....

I really do feel lost this week. The uni is still blockaded, I'm not working and stressing about my future is my main activity. Now that makes a refreshing change ;o)


Jennie said...

I have no idea what to do either. I will be a lectrice until September 2010 and after that, who knows. I want to do a Master in France so I can find a job, but I don't know what interests me anymore.

I've already got a Master's in Linguistics and Teaching ESL, so I don't really want to do one in didactique des langues et l'enseignement du FLE which is what I was originally planning on. But I just feel like I know all that stuff already and I would be too bored. Plus I would like to get out of teaching!

That's why I was thinking of doing something in tourism because there are so many tourists all over France every year. Surely they need more English speakers to help out, right?

Emmy said...

Hi Jennie!
Yes, I've thought about working in tourism but there is the BTS tourism thing. A Bac +2 when I already have a BAC +4. It'll be a bitter pill to swallow.

I had my first RDV at the career office 1 this morning. She gave me another RDV for a week's time. Employers can pay for a bilan de competances she said, I laughed in response. Somehow, I can't see the EN paying for that for me. Something tells me it's going to be a long process!

Let's see what career advisor *2 has to say on Thursday!

Ksam said...

IME, the majority of French employers have never even heard of the various French diplomas out there, let alone care if you had one (this coming from someone who spent a lot of time and money on the DALF). The only reason I'd recommend taking one of the tests to someone was 1) if they wanted to get into a French uni or 2) if they were hoping to get a job that used French back home.

And I know what you mean about the BTS thing - my degree required 4 years of schooling + 2 years of stage afterwards before I could get my license to practice, and it's only a frickin' BTS here! And France doesn't recognize any foreign health-care degrees, so I can't even get my diploma validated (which I only found out after spending 500€). I finally decided to do the BTS, but I dropped it after the first year - it was so demeaning to be redoing my freshman & sophmore year of college, especially when I knew the kind of job I wanted didn't even exist in France!

Rochelle said...

You hate teaching English, so what if it's the safe option? You hate it and you'd never forgive yourself if you found yourself still doing it five or ten years later, so don't let them talk you into the easiest and safest option.

Kim said...

I'm not sure what science masters you'd do but I know at my lab there are 2 Masters courses to chose from. The first year is the Master 1 which is the course work year and then you can either do Masters research or Masters pro. The Masters pro is a professional stage and a small research project (I think) based on the stage with the company.

Good luck with the careers people!

Mil said...

It sounds like a page from my life. Have you thought about a bilan de compétences? It's tests and interviews where you try to find out just what you are interested in. I'm really lost myself. What's your original degree in? Mine's in biology/botany, and I'm not using it now. Good luck.

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