Thursday, 5 March 2009

When the going gets tough, ALL the unis go on strike, I get a day off and go to the ANPE.

Happy Strike Day everyone! I'm still in my pjs, yes it's 11.30am, and I'm very happy about it. All the unis in Amiens are closed today. Not even the cleaners or secretaries are working. I still am a bit clueless as to why (are they striking over the teachers having to work more? or the fact that you now have to do a masters to become a teacher?) I don't really know. 

All that matters to me is that I didn't have to get up this morning and drag myself to work only to be met with students who don't care one bit aboaut English, or what I am saying, or how they can improve in the exam. Brick, head, wall springs to mind. I mean, if they are so uninterested, why continue coming to uni? They still insist in coming so i'm assuming they want to pass the exam in June so why don't they make an effort? It really is atrocious. Most of my lessons are with first years which apparently explains a lot. It's true that my second year classes (all 3 of them, the rest are 1st years) are more motivated. If I could, I would quit right now. I know I don't want to continue teaching, and I want to explore all other avenues asap but I might be forced to wait. 

I went to the ANPE yesterday and was very frank with them, asked for help, said I couldn't stand teaching any more and it turns out that the person I was talking to was an ex teacher too, that he couldn't stand it either and retrained. If anyone has any experience of the 'bilan de compétances' from the ANPE please could you give me your views.... he suggested that I spend 14 hours over 6 weeks with an advisor in order to do a bilan de copmpétances so I can get an idea what options I have for employment, the types of things I would be good at or would like doing. I really wasn't up for the idea of going back into education until I'm 30 but what's the other option? spend the next 40 years in a job I hate? When it's put like that, I'm up for anything in order to change!

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