Wednesday, 22 April 2009

hold the fire, some good news at last

A friend of mine said to me last week over a very large glass of beer that it was about time I had some good news, that my marathon of bad luck and/or encounters with French admin had to come to an end at some point.

Well, it did, last Thursday in the form of a 'Yes'. The woman at the MEF was so appalled by the treatment received from the Education Nationale that she did the impossible and arranged that I get a bilan de compétences paid for by the MEF. She said it only happens in exceptional cases. She also said (and I felt this needed to be documented) that she is ashamed when she comes across this type of admin nightmare, because it gives France a bad name. :o I didn't know whether to cry or hug her. I did neither I'll add. She sould have been freaked out.

So, yes, I should be getting my 20 hours of talking and testing (as Milam has put it). I am worried that there will not be that moment where angels cry hallelujah and a light bulb appears where I decide on my vocation in life, but I am going to make the most of all 20 hours. It's my only real chance of change and opportunity to discover other job options. The only slight problem is that I'm waiting on the call from the bilan people and I'll be out of the country as of Friday for a week. Sod's law they'll ring next week eh?! For the moment, I'm just thrilled to have has the go ahead, let's concentrate on that.

It's super sunny outside today, I'm on holidays (yes, a real difference from the last 4 weeks imposed holiday re: the blockade) and will be going home on Friday to see my parents for a week. It's my birthday too next week. and my bum hurts from gym squats. There, finally some good things to write about for a change.

Bon aprem everyone!


Mil said...

Hey, my birthday's Saturday, another Taurus. Well, unfortunately my bilan meeting was postponed. I know what you mean about worrying that this won't be enough to show me *the* way. Plus, we're doing this in the worst economic times of the last century, it seems. So glad at least you have the green light to do it. I suppose we just need to take a deep breath and try. France is generous enough to help a little. Take care, Milam

Frankofile said...

Do you know what to expect from this meeting? I vaguely recall (decades ago) some [UK] careers counselling - a computer program. Lots of Q&A. Nearly everyone ended up being advised to be court ushers because they were admin-skilled and liked dealing with people.

Have a lovely birthday, fellow Taurean.

Emmy said...

As part of my careers advice at school, the result of one of those compuetr programmes was that I should be a librarian. Way off the mark I thought. I understand there is a risk I will be told I would make a good court usher etc and I'm not holding all my eggs in one basket either!!

Crystal said...

sounds promising! At least you'll have some sort of answers as soon as you're done the bilan. Keep us posted on how it goes in case I want to do one myself one day!

P.S. Happy early birthday (and I'm a taurus like you and Milam too!!)

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