Friday, 24 April 2009

save money, wash your clothes the night

After our hideously expensive electricity bill the last time I almost fell off the sofa. I had never before paid so much. I decided to test out using the timer on our washing machine so it starts after midnight when electricity is almost half price and voilĂ , just got our next bill and we've saved about 14€ in 6 weeks. That's by just using the washing machine between midnight and 8am.

If your washing machine has a timer, try it out!

NB, not advised if you live in an apartment where you risk to wake up the neighbours by the vibrations! hehe


Ksam said...

Ours was 50% off at night AND on Sundays, so yours probably is as well - which helps a bit on the "not pissing of the neighbors" front. :)

Crystal said...

hmmm interesting tip although the problem with most washing machines is in fact the violent shaking and subsequent noise during the spin cycle...if I put mine on between midnight and 8am, I would be served with an eviction notice :)

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