Wednesday, 15 April 2009

shoot me now

It's not very pc I'm sorry, but they shoot lame horses to put them out their misery. I'm that lame horse today.

The most cutting, heart trampling phrase left the lips of the director of human resources today at the uni.

'hhmmm, you have very little work experience, you're 25 you say.....hmmmmm'

Ouch. I wanted to leap on the table and say 'so, working for four years for the poxy French government plus lots of other student type jobs before is worth nothing?' followed shortly by 'well, is it MY fault that I am only ALLOWED 7 month contracts as an assistant, 12 month contract as a lectrice? Followed by 'France is so backward' followed by 'am I good for nothing at the hideously old age of 25?

Instead I smiled sweetly, fought back the urge to cry, and took the stupid appointment she 'so kindly' offered me for next Tuesday where she will be able to direct me to a career, with my ahem, 'very little work experience'.

I'm tired, I'm drawn and internally crushed. I orginally went to see her for the bilan de compétences....yes they do do them, but mademoiselle, with your status, you won't be granted one. and Mademoiselle, a bilan won't help you decide on a career path, that only comes from you. Come back next week and I (HR at a uni) will help you decide which career path to take.

Are they recruiting for SDFs?

big fat sigh.
all wine and chocolate donations, oh and addresses for knackers yards greatly welcome


Rochelle said...

That surprises me because most French people only get their first job after leaving college..which makes them around 25 or even more sometimes.

Mil said...

Hang in there. Sounds like we're still leading twin lives of trying to find ourselves. I may be able to do a bilan, too (meeting a lady this Monday), but I'm wondering if twenty hours of talking and testing can really tell me what I'm meant to do. Keep eating that chocolate.

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