Thursday, 23 April 2009

today's things

1. I washed J's (urrm, I mean 'our') car today in honour of going to Wales tomorrow. It was done in damage limitation tactics as the car is filthy all the time due to the building site at the end of the road. I am permanently ashamed of how dirty the car is so I thought I should clean it before my Dad saw it. It's funny how wanting to please (or not disappoint) your parents never seems to go away with age. I was thus incredible shocked how much I enjoyed washing the car. I spent over an hour on it, soap, scrub, rinse, buff, dry. Don't tell J, he'll be asking me to do it all the time. It's out secret ok?! There will no doubt be an 'inspection' later where he will search for the missed fly poop etc etc. In his job he has to check the work of others all the time to make sure it's done correctly, and sometimes voire often, he brings his work head home and I'm on the receiving end....

2. Two teenage boys knocked on the door an hour ago and asked me about a 'caz' or something like that. I said I didn't understand what they meant, they repeated 'caz' again louder this time, I insisted that I didn't understand the word, what is a 'caz' and they said 'a caz'. agghhh. They tant pis'd me and moved onto the next house. It still tickles me the reaction of people when you don't understand that they are saying. Shout louder and then she'll get it. haha. I think it was some sort of lotto game where you pick a 'caz' and if your number comes up , you get some money, but I guess I'll never know now.

3. I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon and then I'll start packing for the trip home tomorrow. I can't wait!

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