Monday, 4 May 2009

One up

For the observant amongst you, you will have noticed that my age in my profile bit on the right went up sneakily last week. It was my birthday and I was lucky enough to spend it at home in Wales with J and my parents. I did nothing special all week but it was great all the same.

I spent my actual birthday gardening, all day. My parents have a garden on all sides of their house and a hedge on all sides, some one metre high, others 3 metres high. We decided to help them out cutting them and mon dieu, I'm sending out respect to all gardeners. I was given the task of picking up the cuttings and I was exhausted after a day of bending, scooping and lifting. I would never again need to do gym squats if I had a garden. The only problem was that I really hurt my leg in the process of repetitive squatting. The next day was a write-off for me, spent knitting, whilst J continued with the petrol fuelled hedge cutter. He was in man heaven.

I don't have any photos of the gardening, but mum does so when I get some, i might add some here.

The night of my birthday we went to our local pub that serves amazing home cooked food. I had a huge spicy curry, lots of good wine and was told to leave space for dessert. I was expecting a huge chocolate cake to arrive (who wouldn't) and so was slightly miffed to receive a slice of chocolate cake with candle on top and alas, 4 spoons. They didn't even play the happy birthday cd. Worse, my mum was really disappointed. What with the 4 spoons, mum thought there would be 3 other slices arriving, but no.....we waited a while and then accepted we would have to share my slice. hmmmm. When paying, they asked if everything went well, and when mum said innocently that she was disappointed by the 'special birthday surprise', the boss was called over and mum didn't have to pay for it. She was thrilled but her jaw dropped when the waitress said under her breathe after her boss had gone that mum was lucky as that dessert cost £20. Yes slice of chocolate cake WITH candle £20 (about 25euros at today's exchange rate). yikes, candles are expensive it seems. It wasn't even a sparkly type. Again, lack of photos means you'll just have to take my word for it. Needless to say, we were all relieved that we didn't pay for it. phewee.

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Happy Birthday!

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