Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Toulouse, where the sun lives

I got back from Toulouse on Sunday after 3 glorious days there celebrating the christening and first birthday of J's nephew.

His christening was on Thursday (a bank holiday in France), and he had his first birthday on Friday. When the words 'ooh, christenings are becoming more and more like weddings' I knew I was in for a feast, literally. I wasn't disappointed. We spent three whole days eating and drinking and laughing oh and swatting mosquito. eep. Eating in the South is very different to the North I've discovered, and I prefer it down there. The christening menu was composed of entrée, main course, cheese and dessert and lasted 2 hours. In the North, there is usually another entrée, a sorbet to clean the palate between entrée and main course, and sometimes even a salad between the main and cheese. Meals in the North also last alllllllll day. Last Christmas, I spent 7 hours sitting at the dinner table. aggh. 

I overheard my MIL talking at the christening, and frankly, I wish I hadn't. It seems she's 'counting' on J to produce a girl. Woah, that would mean me, not J I guess. ;o) Boys are the rule of thumb in their family and to be honest, I myself would be amazed to have a girl. That won't be happening for ages yet anyway. Scary that the MIL is already thinking about it though. Christenings and weddings always do that don't they. Not content in enjoying the moment, family members always look to other couples and project them into the future. I remember a friend being terrified going to weddings with her boyfriend of 10 years as the enviable always got asked to why they weren't married yet.

Anyway, we had a great long weekend. It was hot, and I finally got to see the sun and feel its presence on my skin. I honestly think I've got S.A.D. 'cos I always feel much better in the sun. I'm also sad to say I shed a tiny tear on the journey back to Amiens. I mean, I actually laughed and had fun at the weekend. Even J said how happy he was to see me enjoying myself. In Amiens, there is no family, no friends, no sun, no laughs. It just brought it home to me that I am on a personal journey at the moment to create a better life for myself. Maybe a move to Toulouse wouldn't be a bad idea....

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