Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The FrenchPaper anyone?

A new English language newspaper has just been launched about France and I was wondering if anyone has got their mitts on it yet? If so, what's it like? I haven't actually looked in the shops to see if Amiens has been deemed worthy of stocking it (I'd bet the world I won't find it here). It says on the website that it'll be stocked more heavily in places where anglophones live (again, not Amiens).

I'm interested to know if it's just centred on Parisien life or that of the South.....and if it's actually worth buying?

FYI, I completed a survey on their website about French way of life and I think they should be sending me a psychiatrist soon..... if you've got some time, complete it - you can totally see what they are getting at by the questions asked.

The FrenchPaper.


L said...

In their quiz, the employment section includes both "housewife" and "house-husband" as a choice. And no choice for "student". Lol, house-husband just makes me laugh.

Jennie said...

Haha those questions were awful!! I loved the one about who's the most polite and only a few nationalities were given. LOL And how's your sex life?

Rochelle said...

Interesting photo of the editor, lol. I found a France based English newspaper here once and basically it was a waste of money, with even worse news write ups than expatica and with a heavy emphasis on house buying down south. I reckon it's easy enough to get English perspectives on France via the internet that it seems a waste to get a paper version. Do you read any French newspapers?

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