Monday, 8 June 2009

The internet is back whilst I'm bouncing back

eugh, the neufbox broke the night of the scary storm two weeks ago and we've just been reconnected. Believe me, 2 weeks not being able to ring my parents in the UK for free every day, not being able to watch tv or check my emails/blog was horrible! Especially not being able to ring home. I think I use up the *free* phone calls for all of picardie! 2 monthly phone bill -30 minutes to France, free; 10 hours to the UK, free. So, am so happy to get it back!! :oD

Lessons started again last week after, urm, was it 9 weeks of the blockade? Whatever, it started again and with little point as the exams start tomorrow. I've got three exam sessions to individuate and about 200 exams to mark afterwards and then, yes, the summer holidays/unemployment will start! or summer holidays # 2....

I've been feeling better and better mentally these past few weeks/months. I started my bilan de compétances two weeks ago and although it's only the start, it has confirmed to me 1000 times over that I've done the right thing by wanting to get out of teaching. The Bilan lady voire shrink (ha) tells me that once you make the decision to get out of an unhappy career, everything else gets better and fits into place. Here's hoping, so far so good.

I've been so unhappy that I've been depriving myself of things as I didn't want to spend money on myself. The happier Emma tells me to go out, spend some money on things that will improve my life, this afternoon I'm going to the ladies only gym and will (proably) sign up for the summer - histoire to use up my time, get fitter.... and I don't feel guilty about spending the money this time.

On a similar note, some of you will know how excited I am when I go to Lille and get to go to the UK clothes shop New Look...well imagine the squeal of delight I made when I found out that Amiens does indeed have one (Since when? Rachie, how did I miss that?) So, i think I'll be paying it an extended visit this afternoon too.... J just slowed down proceedings on Saturday...I've already got my eye on some sandals and a bikini....

Crystal, ring me!

Off for a nice British cup of tea....bon aprem everyone


Crystal said...

hey emmy! I'm leaving for the airport in a few hours, but just wanted to leave you a comment to say I'm so very happy that things are getting better for you and you're feeling more positive about stuff. I'm also totally happy you have the internet back!

I'll definitely give you a call as soon as I get home...I'll text you when I'm back in France and we'll find a time to call because i'm sure we have lots to talk about!


Rachel said...

how did you miss that??!! next time i visit we can build the weekend around a trip there :)

glad to hear you sounding happier mein liebling xxx

Frankofile said...

This cheered me up - go emmy go!

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