Monday, 13 July 2009

car booty

Yesterday mum and I did a car boot sale in our local village. you pay £5 a place which goes to the scout group and then you're free to sell your junk goodies. There were about 20 cars and although it only starts officially at 2pm, we got there at 1.15pm to set up and we were the last car there and there were already people looking to buy! What's the point of the start time then?! Anyway.... we didn't have much to sell but we almost sold everything including my karaoke machine (haha) and a nice wall clock of mum's.

We didn't make millions but we only stayed an hour as we'd sold out practically there wasn't much point staying longer.
I think more and more people are coming to car boot sales what with everyone tightening their purse strings. I for one love looking for books. It is pot luck though. Sometimes you can find some gems and other times it really is just junk. But I guess one woman's junk is another woman's gold.
It was a nice afternoon but there was drama when a gazebo overturned in the wind and injured a little girl. She started bleeding a lot and was taken to hospital to be stitched up. Eek.

Dangerous stuff car boot sales.

Photo not contractual.

*** I'd like to thank the mighty Crystal for helping with html in this post. The girl's a genius even if she'll deny it herself***

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