Monday, 20 July 2009

i'm back, just

I got back to Amiens last night and I think it's going to take me a little bit to settle down. My ears are well and truly blocked up and it's making me feel sick and dizzy and it's giving me a headache. Not the best welcome home. This is due to the Eurostar London - Lille. Since they've changed the route to make it quicker (now only 1h20mins) it plays havoc with my ear drums. Most of the journey is now spent coming in and out of long tunnels and the frequent change in room pressure has caused my ears to complain a lot. It's the worst it's been and I can't even manage to pop my ears so I'm stuck like this until they decide to return to normal. Yuck. Anyone got any tips? I'm an impatient kind of girl when it comes to illness.

This afternoon I'm going to wander into town to see if anything has changed in the two weeks I've been away. haha. The sales are still on I think so let's see if there is anything left that could be interesting to me. I'll probably come back with a woolly poncho and some shoes I'll never wear. I heart the sales.


Crystal said...

i hope you're feeling better for the weekend! nothing a little drinking can't clear up I'm sure :)

Rachel said...

for ear-unblocking, try repeated swallowing (i.e. sucking on a betise) or yawning (i.e. sitting in front of Secret Story for any length of time)


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