Friday, 10 July 2009

In my other life, where thing seem different

I'm in Wales. Picardie beat me and I moved back to the homeland. (If only for 2 weeks, sniff)

I got back on Tuesday and since then I've been shopping, sunbathing - yes, it's possible in the UK, and chilling out. It's nice to be home as it always gives me time out where I can reflect on my life more objectively.

In Amiens, I feel like a goldfish in a very small tank, no coral, or little castle, looking out into the big exciting world outside but unable to get there. When I'm in Wales, I think about my life in that fish tank and it doesn't seem so small. Yeah, there is no coral, or little castle, but it doesn't seem so small.

The basics are there in my life in France. I'm loved. But I want so much more and vital things too.

Life shopping list (no expiry date to items on list)

1. you think rent-a-friend exists? This is still the biggest ongoing crappiness in my picardie life. I feel lonely A LOT. Not helped by the job situation (or lack of...)

2. a job other than teaching. In the process of my bilan de competances but unsure of the outcome...i fear slippery decent back to the classroom.

3. a garden. Yes please. my fish tank is smaller when the sun is shining and no where to go outside to soak up the much needed vitamin D. I'd love a garden where I can grow veggies and maybe keep a couple of chickens. ha, I'm turning into my mum.

4. a cat. When #3 is achieved, I will allow myself one. I've always had a cat and they bring joy and amusement. (sorry Rocco, still love you). This said, if one happened to wander into my fish tank, i'd be quick to shut the window behind and claim him right now.


Mil said...

Love that post on your life shopping list. I feel quite the same way. Friends will make it easier to get through, that's sure. I'm feeling the same way about teaching, comfortable but do I want to be doing it till I'm sixty-seven? Do you know you may have accumulated time to do a CIF, conge individuel a la formation, if you want to do some training? Again, if you're feeling lonely, look us up in Pas de Calais!

Amber said...

Somebody from your blog visited my blog, and that's how I found you.
I'm in a very similar situation -- came as a teaching assistant, stayed, only teaching english now for the rest of my life, I guess.
It is so hard to make friends with the natives. I would love to be your friend, but it would have to be a long distance friendship :)

DIF is the training the last lady is speaking about "droit individuel à la formation" -- but it's only about 20h/year.

I live an hour away in Lille -- come visit, pick up the other lady along the way in Pas de Calais, and we'll hit the town.

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