Friday, 3 July 2009

It's not me, it's picardie

I'm so angry but it's not be unexpected. Picardie is rubbish.

I have finally (and I mean finally, I've been looking for years....) found that picardie has officially NO proper French classes. I kind of knew this as I've been looking but hey, it's nice to know it wasn't me.

The link proving that where YOU live is better equipped for foreigners than here. Notice the lack of Picardie in the list.

Also, I've been looking at training courses that are en alternance. That way I get to work and study at the same time. I found a fab website that helps people like me find these courses. Great! There is a map of France with it's 22 regions on it. With a booklet for each region about which jobs are recruiting in this manner. Fab! Except, picardie is (was) the only region that had 'in preparation' on it. I was so peed off. I waited, kept going back to see when they would put their info up, and joy, this morning they have.......replaced 'in progress' with the link to the national ONISEP site. I've been to these people, I know they are rubbish. Last time I went to the ONISEP advisors in Amiens I was told flatly that I should stay in teaching or do a masters in physics. Nothing else. When the nice people at the MEF rang them up for info for me, they said 'oh her, I've already told her to do a physics masters'. The MEF were horrified at their 'help'.

so, there is no way I can have french lessons, and it's not looking rosy on getting info about the training courses I want to do in the region.

Another wonderful day as a Brit in picardie.


au soleil levant said...

Picardie is so great, isn't it? So ready to welcome foreigners, so many job opportunities. Makes you wonder why all the anglophone expats don't move here!

Although Corse and Limousin are also missing from the list. At least in Corse they get good weather, right? At least in Limousin they have.... farms? I don't know, I think I would take Picardie over Limousin :)

Crystal said...

oh no! im sorry to hear about all that...but weren't you guys thinking of moving up to lille sometime soon? I'm sure you'll have more success with french lessons there!

What's the name of the website with the cours en alternance? (work and school at same time)

Miss you!

L said...

There've got to be Français langue étrangère classes at the university. The link for language classes has a lot of private or semi-private places listed. And two places listed for Midi-Pyrénées is just wrong. There's GRETA, all three universities, plus associations and private schools. Check out I don't know if it's the right level and everything of if that's anywhere near you though.

Mil said...

Oh, that is so disappointing. Those people need their heads examined. What about taking the train to Arras or Lille for training? If you live near the station in Amiens?

Emmy said...

Thanks guys for the info and support.

L, you are a genius. It is typical that I worked at the very same uni for a whole year, asked many times about french lessons and no one could help me. Communication sadly lacking me thinks. I'll check it out in September, no point beforehand eh?! Thanks again.

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