Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Back to real life.

We got back to Amiens on Sunday after a mammoth 14 hour car journey (2.5 hrs of which was spent asleep in the car in a service station). Amiens is a loooomg way from the med sea. Our hearts were lifted slightly as we went straight to the maternity to visit J's new godson who is a week old now. Then we went to pick up the hamster from the hamste-rsitter (aka, mamie) and then it was back to Amiens.

I was not too encouraged by the serious lack of post for me. I mean, I was away two whole weeks! What did I receive? A bank statement and a sephora advert. On the other hand J had loads waiting for him including a postcard! ggrrr.

I now have loads of housework to do - i've already done 5 machine loads of washing. and then there's the ironing. zzzzz. J's bro who is still on hols in the south rang me today and tried to be supportive....at least I won't be bored then, he said. sniff.

We had a fab holiday, I loved spending time with J's bro and baby C, loved the beach, but was happy to meet J's new godson N back in the North.

I'm now left with happy memories of the holidays. Some of which will continue on for a bit longer. thanks to the following: . In order left to right: muscat, muscat, st chinian red, st chinian rosé, pomplemousse rosé. There's a little shop at the tourist resort that sells wine by the 1.5litre plastic bottles. Thank you giant vats of wine in vrac. Thank you!! MIL and I got through one whole muscat bottle in less than a week. Vive les apéros! Summer can now last a little bit longer...well, until Rachel comes to visit me this weekend at least!


Crystal said...

look at how classy you are drinking wine out of plastic bottles ;)

glad to hear your friend is coming this weekend to visit you and offer morale support. Hope to come up to see you again soon, and you are always welcome here!

Rachel said...

After seeing that photo words can not describe how excited I am about the weekend :)

Hope there's some of that plum pie left too


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