Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Holiday spot the error

I haven't fallen off the planet, I'm in ze massif centrale on holiday for 4 days as part of our two week tour of Lyon - Clermont Ferrand and surrounding areas of ze massif centrale- Toulouse - Cap d'agde.

Lyon was expensive but it was nice to see J's cousin and his nicely new constructed house. We arrived at étape two yesterday and Clermont Ferrand is just that - two town centres, Clermont and Ferrand. That was unexpected! The buildings are often made of volcanic rock which makes them look dirty so it takes a bit of time to get used to. I found Ferrand prettier than Clermont.

Today we went to the regional theme park based around volcanoes. Well, there are 70 of them in the chaine de puy! Whilst waiting (for an hour I'll add) at one of the attractions, I read the notice in English only to to be left worrying about my health and what on Earth was in store for me and all ladies ahead on the Dragon Ride.

...can you spot the classic translation error?!

I'll be posting some photos of the area soon.
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Crystal said...

hmmmm that's awfully nosey of them to ask about cervical problems :p

Hope you're having fun! Can't wait to see pics!

Rachel said...

I confess I'm failing to spot the error! But I am very rusty :) Hope you're enjoying your hols pickle, can't wait to see you! xx

Nathalie said...

It's 'cervical', Rachel - meaning the vertebrae in the neck here. They mean people with neck problems (rather than neck of the womb problems!) should avoid the ride...

Rachel said...

haha - marvellous :)

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