Wednesday, 19 August 2009


I've got heat rash and it's horrible! I guess two weeks in the south during the heat wave didn't do wonders for my poor pale skin after all. I'm sooooooo itchy and trying not to scratch isn't working. Apparently there's not much you can do for it other than keep cool. It's 33oC here today and I was forced to go out in the sun for an appointment for my bilan de competences. Now I'm itching more. aggghhhhhh.


Amber said...

I've got a cure-all for heat rash -- don't think i'm crazy and don't knock it before you try it..
deodorant. It'll keep it dry (cause the sweat makes you itchy) but it will also moisturize, allowing it to heal up.
I use Dove, the kind that's like a lotion, and it takes the irritation away right away and in a few days, it'll be gone.

Emmy said...

Thanks Amber! You mean dove anti-persperant right? Not the stuff that just hides the smell? I've got a vaseline anti-pers so I'll try that although I might giggle just a bit when I'm rolling it over my belly button!

Amber said...

Yeah the Dove anti-antiperspirant is a great product. I've got it behind my knees, not quite as silly as a belly button I guess :) I hope the vaseline will work for you!

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