Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Massif Centrale and Toulouse heaven

I'm in destination number 4 of our holiday - Cap d'agde on the south coast of France. I have time to write as J is currently snoring out his siesta. Me, I'm in my bikini ready to catch some rays and probably sweat it out at the beach later on.

Destination 2 on the holiday was the massif centrale. Volcano land. There are over 80 in the region and we spent four days exploring some of them. It was stunning.

We spent a day at Super-Besse which is actually the name of the town and not the sports park like I thought. haha. Here we climbed yet another puy, did some luge d'été (summer sledging -amazing fun) and also tried out the grass karting. It's amazing what a ski resort can do to attract visitors in the summer. At the moment I would post a video of the karting that J filmed but I don't think the holiday wifi will cope. Think MarioKart. It was fantastic. I'll try posting it later.

Holiday destination 3 was Toulouse to see J's bro, SIL and baby C. Now, this is always a toughie for me as I look forward to going so much, have a great time, and then have to leave. That my friends is very hard. I feel so at ease in Toulouse, surrounded by people who care genuinely about me. I get to talk to a real life girlfriend who is also my SIL about girlie things and then it is whipped away from me. Tough my dears, that moment indeed. J's bro mentioned in passing after his girlfriend was being stupid that it was ok for me as I didn't have to put up with her as I only see her three or four times a year. We were all joking about the silly thing that had made us laugh so much and there was me thinking 'god, I want to see them more often than 3 or 4 times a year. I want to see them every weekend.' Leaving wasn't too bad this time as they are coming to join us at destination number 4 on Friday for a few days. but still it hurt leaving.
I don't even want to think about destination finale - Amiens. That's for another time. For now, J's stopped snoring so maybe we can go to the beach......


Crystal said...

wow that backdrop looks amazing...can't wait to get there myself one day. Enjoy the last leg of your holiday and I hope we can meet up "in the north" sometime soon. Courage ma belle!

Mil said...

Take care Emma, enjoy every minute of it. Wouldn't J like to move down there one day?

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