Monday, 31 August 2009

yarn shops please

Calling all knitters in France...(or not)

I'm deciding on my next project - I'm thinking cute winter patchwork blanket and was wondering where you guys buy your yarn. I always end up getting it online and would rather not as sending 20 balls to another country costs mega bucks!

So, where could I go to get my hands on chunky wool? I've found a pattern that uses sirdar big softie, but do you have any recommendations for something similar? or where to go look? purlease.... sorry, couldn't resist.


Amber said...

Doesn't the pret-à-porter shop Phildar sell yarn? or maybe it's just decoration..;

Andromeda said...

I am pretty lame and just use Phildar, which I feel like is expensive compared to other places. Or maybe yarn is just more expensive than I thought! I have heard people get good deals with 3suisses. If you can get over to Germany, apparently it's cheaper there, like everything else!

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