Thursday, 24 September 2009

Here again. waiting

I'm back in Amiens. I had a good, but brief time in the UK, but it's ok to be back in France. Like I said in my last post, I've come to realise, no matter how much my life is miserable at the moment, I DO have a life in France.

Trying to keep myself busy and not think about lack of job situation as that just makes me really sad. So, I'll be starting a new knitting project and I'm waiting for my French lessons to start. I'm interested to know if I will be considered as a student when they start and whether I would be allowed to do stages in that case. Not surprisingly, I have no idea when the lessons will start. I was told 15th September to 15 October at the latest. I've emailed to ask if they've organised them yet, but no surprise - no one has replied. I've rang too, but no one answers. It's cool. I have no energy to get annoyed at them. I might go to the centre tomorrow but it wouldn't surprise me if they were closed.

so, I'll just wait. I think I'll have to get used to it, I doubt my situation will change any time soon. If I'm waiting for France to be more organised and accepting of foreigners, I'll be waiting a lot longer yet.


Canedolia said...

Hum...I have a job but not much of a life here outside of it (yet). So I can sympathise! The only Brits in France that I know who have had jobs not in teaching have worked in scientific research of some kind. Does that appeal to you?

All the best for your classes and your job hunt. You never know what might come up!

Emmy said...

c - why yes, it does actually! I have a natural sciences degree with a year's experience in an R&D lab. I'm so out of the loop though now as i've been teaching english for 4 years. Have you got any leads where I could look?! what's your job? email me if you like. x

Rachel said...

More importantly Emmy, what is your new knitting project??


Emmy said...

you're right rachel - getting me back to the more important things in life! It's a throw. Prob for a bed, maybe for the sofa. In cream, fawn, brown and rusty colours. Think it'll keep me going for this and possibly next winter. :os

Canedolia said...

The people I'm thinking of are friends of friends, so I don't know exactly, but I think probably through contacts with universities at home. I'll try to find out for you. I'm a teacher, so apart from that I don't think I can help you much!

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