Saturday, 19 September 2009

What is family?

I'm back in the UK. It wasn't planned, I only booked tickets three days before travelling but I thought I needed to get out of La France and spend some time with the fam.

In about an hour we are travelling 'up north' 3 hours to go to a family christening this weekend. I haven't seen my family for 2 years (gah, I was going to write 'since 2 years.....shoot me now) so it will be nice although a bit weird too. Being in France makes me realise that I can live quite comfortably without these people. We've never been close, only ever seeing each other once a year anyway, the distance was always an issue, and I think my change in attitude is as a result of being in France and constructing something of my own. I used to absolutely love catching up my them but now?! I now know we will never be close and just because we are family by blood, it doesn't mean everything.

Family is what you construct too. The people you love, who you know love you. That may be my 'grand frere' Damian in Mexico, or my SIL in France. Equally Rachie in Brussels than Cedric in France. My parents in the UK and of course, J, my rock, by my side. These people know me, get me, and support me. I've always chased the ideal fanily group, and I think at last I'm OK with the one I have.

I am looking forward to seeing the fam, but I'm not dwelling on it. Our distant relationship is what it is and I know that when I go back to France, I'll be seeing / speaking to my family, blood or not, too.


Crystal said...

I think the same way too. I have many members of my blood family who I rarely see, and not necessarily only because I live in France. Sure, they are my family on paper, but the buck stops there. A family is made up of people who care about you and who are involved in your life. That's why friends and family-in-law can be equally as important to you as a "real blood relative" can be.

Have fun at the christening and hope to see you soon!

Astrid said...

I feel the same way too. Though family for me is very important, I also have friends whom I classify as family.

Thanks for the suggestion regarding names. I'll try out the short list we have and see if the baby reacts :)

Rachel said...

Yee :) Speak on Wednesday ma belle xxx

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