Friday, 9 October 2009

Moving on heels.

Well, it was about bloody time that things got a bit better for me right?!

My French lessons are starting on Monday officially! I can't wait although I'm sure I'm going to be a bad pupil. 4 years teaching English gives a person an insight into how language lessons are and/or should be. I'm so happy though I'm finally going to get some help I know for sure I'll hand in my homework on time!

I got myself a little job too!! and it's not teaching!! yay! Working part time in the British shop in the town centre. It's cool I get to be surrounded by Hobnobs, Dr Pepper (and Irn bru for princesse) and peanut butter all day long! And I get to taste everything too in order to be able to help the customers better! I have to work all day on Saturday but I figure that's ok too. Sundays are all the more special with J!

After months of looking, we finally found a bike for me on the now legendary that was cheap AND in good condition and we're picking it up tomorrow. Shame it's been raining like cats and dogs for days.... I want to have a bit more independence from the bus service and it means that on nice Sundays I can partake in J's favourite sport....although somehow I think I'll be the one lagging behind!!

In celebration of these three great things, I went out and bought some ankle boots today. Totally impractical - they have heels! Ha, Rachel, you are probably laughing right now. I don't 'do' heels ever (since a leg op) but I love these boots! I know J won't understand my reasoning but hey! I wanted to buy something for me! And it's never too late to learn how to walk in heels right?!


Andromeda said...

Yay! That sounds like a fun job, with some great benefits :-) Enjoy the boots and bike (though not at the same time, lol).

Amber said...

Sounds like a bunch of good stuff has come your way! Enjoy your new bike and all the perks of the new job!

Canedolia said...

Congratulations on your new job and may you have better luck with your bike than I did!

Rachel said...

Ah you know me to well! It was more of a laughing "She's done what??!" but I hope the learning-to-walk-in-heels is going ok, remember to watch out for gratings in the floor and always carry plasters x

MilkJam said...

yea!!! congrats!!!! something is always better than nothing and this will give you lots of experience to write on your CV later

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