Wednesday, 28 October 2009

One of those (good) days...

At the weekend, J's brother, girlfriend and 17 month old baby C came to visit for the holidays. It was a big event considering they live the other end of France now and only come back for holidays. C got baptised in the summer and as a lot of the family couldn't go (too far) J's mum decided to celebrate their arrival this time around.

So, on Sunday, 32 of us piled into the dining room for 4.30pm precise and we ate 'navettes' (long sandwich rolls - ham, cheese and paté bien sur) and had yummy cake and champagne. I used to get overwhelmed at family events but I cope great now following conversations and chatting away to my neighbour. And I didn't even think about having to bise 31 people.....haha

I am still amazed at how big J's family is. 32 was just the close family - and J's mum is an only child! If I had the same party in the UK, we would be 14 - including aunts, uncles, cousins and babies (and me and J!)

I was also amazed to see how baby C is developing. I last saw him two months ago and he's now started to talk - he knows me and calls me 'tata' (auntie). Coming from a tiny family, I've never had the experience of babies that know who you are and it really touched me. Much more so as it's in French, in France, in my new life that I'm creating for myself. If ever there was a moment where I realised that I'm here, that I'm doing it in France, it was the moment I heard C call me tata. *grin*

When did you realise you were 'doing it' in France?


Amber said...

When I talked myself out a ticket with the cops! That was one of my crowning french achievements.

L said...

In a less emotional way, I chose a two year cell phone plan when I came back to France after college to teach English, even though I only had a job/plan for a year. I only knew what I was doing for the following year, but I took the plunge and signed up for two years.

In a more emotional way, when I had to go back to California to get a new visa and the huge Witch fire came and we got evacuated and hundreds of homes in my neighborhood burned, I realized that pretty much all of my stuff that I cared about was in France (not that I wouldn't have been devastated if my parents' house had burned). And last year when we went back to the States for two weeks I really noticed how most of the stuff I left behind wasn't super important anymore. It was just "stuff" I'd left behind that I didn't really miss.

Andromeda said...

Ditto for what L said about all the stuff at my parent's house not being the important stuff, which has been weird to realize this week.

I think this Christmas will be a big moment like that for me; I'm not visiting the states, so it'll be my first 100% French holiday season. I'm kind of anxious thinking about it, but I think it'll go okay. A very definite "I live in France now" moment to come.

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