Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Bouche Cousue

Things are fine here, and despite what the lack of blogging suggests, I actually have loads of things to blog about but alas, can't because it is all job related.

Working has opened my eyes to a lot of things, exposed me to loads of experiences (good and bad) and has confirmed above all that teaching is not for me. It's been heaven not preparing lessons and even though I work all day Saturday which is a bummer, I'm all up for going out in the evening - that never happened even when I was teaching.

All in all, I'm a lot better - my mood is infinitely better, I have more energy and I cope much more with everyday tasks. All these things were difficult a few months ago. J has seen a huge difference in me too and the dynamics between us have totally changed for the better!

Being bouche cousue about my job is quite hard. Working in a shop that sells British products provides masses of sketch show material....I'm compiling it as I speak!! Try explaining Marmite or Jelly or Lemon Curd to a very suspicious audience.... or that there are many types of curries......or most annoyingly that Le Welsh is uuur, Welsh and not English and that cheddar is not orange. Don't even ask me how I'm coping with my nationality. I just say 'oui' when I am asked 200 times a day 'Are you 'anglaise'. Sometimes a girl has to accept defeat.


Canedolia said...

Sometimes I just admit defeat too (and take comfort in the fact that if they ever go to Glasgow and call the people English, they'll get beaten up).

Glad your new job is going well. There must be some way to pass on the funny stories!

Andromeda said...

We have a Comptoire Irlandaise in my town, and I'm pretty sure the girl is French and I went off on her last Easter because there were only the regular Cadbury eggs and not the chocolate filled ones, and she didn't even know there were different kinds, sigh. At least you know the products :-)

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