Thursday, 5 November 2009

The perils of food shopping in the rain

This is quite possibly my least favourite activity and one in which I have just gone through, with predictable outcomes. I'm soaked, clammy, have sore arms and am rather cheesed off.

You see, the formula goes like this: heavy bags x waiting for bus + attempting to maintain balance with said heavy bags whilst on bus = no fun at all. Added to this is the fact that the buses become saturated with people when it's raining and the floors get slippery and aggghhhh. Has anyone noticed how people smell worse in the rain too? It's like wet dog syndrome. As well as being up close and personal with people you'd much rather not be, you get to smell their wet cigarette smoky coats or damp leather jackets, or worse. yuck.

I'm just thankful it's not a permanent occurrence. It's just it's happening a lot recently as J is away all week long with work and will be for weeks to come.

One consolation today - at least I now have something nice to eat for tea!! Just got to dry out beforehand to enjoy it!

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Leah said...

I feel ya...this was the case for me too about 2 hours ago!! 3 bags, 2 heavy and 1 very awkward, I was glad when I stepped foot into my appart at longlast as I'm sure you were too. :)

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