Tuesday, 24 February 2009

It's good to touch the green green grass of home

In the words of this song, it is indeed too good to touch the green green grass of home......

This song gets me every time.


Photos courtesy of my home town (village!) and house in Wales. I'm looking at this tree right now......
It's so good to be home.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

There is light at the end of the tunnel and it's coming from the North.

Many of you will know about my recent struggles concerning validating my French language skills, you just need to look at Dear France. This was almost a month ago and since then I have been back to the person indicated on the government website who is meant to organise French testing in my region. I have been sent to another department, fought it out there for 3 days, they accepted that I had the right to take the exam (only after I showed her the official website) but were sorry they couldn't help me as I wasn't a student. Was given the names of other people in another department who 'can' help me, been to see them, left emails and NOTHING.

Imagine my surprise when 40 minutes ago I found a very informative website in Lille explaining in detail the dates and prices of every French exam possible. It even said that ANYONE could take the exams. Imagine that.... Imagine more my surprise when I email them to ask how to sign up for the exams and SHOCK HORROR....I have already had a reply. There is a God! 40 minutes flat.

Is it possible that I am the only non-French non-student in the Picardie area who wants to take a French exam ? It seems so as I am yet to find anyone who can help me. I really was losing all hope. So, it's a great thing that we have decided to move. I just don't think Amiens and I were cut out to be friends.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Teaching, I'm so over it.

Sorry to steal your post title of sorts Crystal but it's the best phrase to sum it up.

It's official, OK, it was official a long time ago but this time it's in a post, I WILL NOT CONTINUE TO TEACH. It saps the life out of me and I cannot continue this way. I have already started at looking at other things, this time with intention of deposing my CV. I also feel a move coming on..... Have spoken about it with J, and he agrees.

Things are gong to happen ladies and gentlemen, lets hope it's in the right direction.

I would like to dedicate this post to a certain, rude student who I had to send out of class today. Thank you for pushing me to write this post. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

All job offers welcome in my comments box.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

25 things...

Thanks Crystal for your 25 things. You've asked me to do the same but I feel you have said half of mine already!

Ok, so here goes....

1. English was my worst subject at school and now I'm teaching it. That's why I'm strict on pronunciation and accent and can't help any of my students understand Shakespeare.

2. I hate being blonde and pale. Give me skin that tans and brown hair....

3. I did karate throughout my adolescence for 5 years. I'm a brown belt (the one below black). I loved doing this sport but when I moved away from home to go to uni I couldn't continue as I couldn't find a karate club in my area that did the same style of karate.

4. I'm welsh, but since living in France I've started saying I'm English as I'm so demoralised by the blank looks when I say I'm Welsh.

5. I hate spending time cooking. Such a waste of time considering it takes 10 minutes to devour it after spending 2 hours cooking it.

6. I've started knitting. My grandma was a tailor and my mum is very good at crafts. I want to learn to be as good as them. I can knit simple things easily but want to get good at it!

7. I am a cat person. I love them and want one but also believe cats should have an outside area to call their own so I am (un)patiently waiting until we get a house with a garden. Could be waiting a long time.

8. I hate the wind. It's the worst type of weather. It makes me angry. Hot weather comes in a very close second.

9. I love being made a fuss of at my birthday but hate being the centre of attention. I'm the quite one in the group.

10. I'm very scared of spiders.

11. If I find a hair in my food, even my own, I cannot eat any more at all. I have to leave the table to concentrate on not being sick.

12. I prefer silver to gold jewellery.

13. I am shocked at the way British girls dress when they go out when I return home. Imagine that I used to dress like them only a mere few years ago. French girls favour warmth and practicality over not wearing a coat to save on the cloakroom fees.

14. Don't be offended if I don't say hi to you if you're on my left side when we meet in the street. I didn't see you. I have no left-hand vision.

15. I rock at playing the fairground game 'horse derby' where you have to roll a ball into holes to make your horse move forwards. The last time I played I was asked to leave by the owner as I'd won 5 games in row.

16. I love singing although I am the first to admit I'm not great! It's the best way for me to de-stress. I'd love to take singing lessons so I could sing in public.

17. I love roller coasters (but only the type where you have a head-brace.)

18. I drink an obscene amount of tea. Hey, I'm british, that's my excuse. I now drink tea without milk though as the milk here in France is questionable.

19. I am very quick to be hungry and yet don't have a big appetite when I do eat. I'm a little and often kind of girl.

20. I can do the finger splits with my index and middle finger

21. I love pickled shallots and pickled beetroot and can eat lemon without pulling a face.

22. If I was animal I would be a cat in a good home. They get to be selfish and pampered at once.
23. I wear a lot of red clothes but wouldn't want red paint in my house. I love yellow in houses but hardly own anything yellow in my wardrobe.

24. My favourite films from my childhood are The Goonies and The Labyrinth.

25. Horses smell bad. It's the truth. I'm sorry. It was never a childhood dream of mine to have a horse much to the relief of my parents.

Well, there you go. No particular order or importance. Hope you learnt something and/or didn't fall asleep.

Bon dimanche!

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